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"Great Tutor"

Tyler G. Littleton, CO
David is a great tutor, within the first two sessions I've taken with him I definitely feel a lot more confident in myself and in the knowledge I've retained for the ACT math portion. David is great at explaining the problem and breaking it down so you really understand what you are doing.
It's Leann, Sean Sweirczewski's mom, just calling to thank you so much for all of your hard work with Sean this year. It 
really paid off. You did a great job. Also wanted to know if we could keep you for next year, if you would work with Sean
when he goes away to college. I think we will probably need you again.


James and Beth Wahl – I began working with their son, in honors trig in 2010, and then their daughter in algebra during 2011. 

"It's so refreshing to see him actually feeling good about 

math again, and for once, he's not dreading the final exam. I believe that's half the battle. Whatever you're doing, it seems to be working well."

(303) 885-4066 


Eric Kinsey – I tutored Eric, a college graduate, for ~ 2 years, preparing him for the GMAT test for graduate school.

"I always dreaded math before his tutoring. Now, I look forward to it."

In 2011, I also began working with his wife at Denver University in college calculus and GMAT prep.

(209) 480-7631


Linda Famula - Mother of pre-calculus student that I worked with for 18 months.

"We have been very satisfied with the tutoring and your flexibility. We would like you to start working with our other son, Derek. Thanks again for everything."

Jurgen Famula – I worked with Jurgen on pre-calc and ACT/SAT prep for 18 months. In April, 2011, Jurgen scored in the 99 percentile on his ACT test. (click the file below to see test result)

Jurgen's ACT results

David Derks - I worked with David, an Arapahoe Community College graduate, for 2 months online, preparing him for math testing to get into Colorado State University. 
"Dave, I wanted to thank you for all your help and wanted to tell you that I did well enough on my placement exam that I placed at a high enough math level, that did not require any further testing or tutorials, to be accepted. Again thank you; I have learned a lot and will ask for your teaching in the future."

(303) 618-7833


Lisa S.  - "Dave, thought you’d like to know. Adam got a B+ (91 out of 110) on his AP calculus final exam. Thanks so much for your help…it appears it was just what he needed! We would also like you to start working with our other son, Justin."


Austin Lieber – I worked with Austin in Pre-Calculus during his junior year of high school.

“Thank you for all the help and I will be contacting you in the fall for more help!”



Kristen - Graduating senior headed for Arizona State Univ. I tutored Kristen her entire senior year of pre-calculus.

"I have really benefited from having you as my math tutor this year and I don't think I would be passing the class if not for you. 

(775) 225 4882


Arlene Nelson - Mother of sophomore algebra 2 student.

"My son's grade went from a C to a B with Mr. Cowan's help."

I also worked with her son in his junior year on pre-calc.

(719) 964-3231  


Linda Schreck – I worked with her son during his sophomore year in geometry and again in his junior year in algebra II.

"I really appreciate your help this semester and we look forward to working with you again next year."


Joe and Lisa Cocklin - Parents of algebra 2 student. 

"Her math final was the best score ever for her.  Also we are interested in ACT tutoring this summer and would like to get on your schedule."

(719) 337-3169


Colonel John and Jeanne Sell – I worked with their daughter on ACT/SAT prep. 

(719) 661-0093 


Bonnie Wyatt - Son is a pre-calculus honors student who has worked with Mr. Cowan for 2 months.

(303) 862-5445 

 Congratulations this year to my math students who achieved excellence in sports:

Casey Ross - #1 Intermountain tennis (18 and under from 6 state area) from 2015-2017. Casey is headed to Dartmouth college in the fall.

Nick Darrow - All state in lacrosse 2016 & 2017. Nick will enter his senior year at Columbine High School in the fall of 2017.

Dylan Stapp - Starter as a junior for the varsity baseball team for one of the state's top ranked teams, (Chatfield High School). Dylan is headed into his senior year at Chatfield.

Justin Allen - Starter as a junior for the varsity baseball team for D'Evelyn High School. Justin is headed into his senior year at D'Evelyn.